The word QiGong is an English Romanization of 2 Chinese characters. Qi relates to air, vapor, or breathing and also refers to the relationship between matter, energy and spirit. Gong relates to achievement or practice. Qi or “Chi” is, essentially, the energy in all things. QiGong is the cultivation of that energy for health, strength, and enlightenment. The practice involves connecting to the universal Qi,increasing the amount of Qi in the body, and bringing that Qi into balance.

There are many different traditions of QiGong practice. Here at the Houston Shaolin Temple we practice traditional Shaolin QiGong techniques including Xing Ye Ba and Iron body. Grand Master Shi De Shan is also skilled in a form of medical QiGong which he uses to improve the health and energy level of students. This method allows students to “borrow” chi from the master in order to progress much faster than practice alone would allow.